Sunday, December 23, 2007

Join Campaign Supporting Among Ed!

Join Bloggers Supporting Among Ed's Good Governance Campaign! Among Ed needs your support! Show your support through your blog rejecting the moral degeneration of patronage and personality politics.

The Philippines is the only country that is predominantly Christian comprising 90 percent of its population. This is the season of giving and what more lasting gift can you give to an oppressed people by rallying behind a leader on a moral crusade to clean the graft ridden province of Pampanga. Barely six months as Governor the people of Pampanga's quest to regain their pride and dignity is hanging in the balance if we stood by and do nothing.

The local Provincial Board shamelessly overruled Among Ed's veto of Ordinance 176 transferring Quarry collection to local mayors, why change the arrangement now when this is the first time Pampanga under Among Ed's administration are efficiently collecting fees? Among Ed and his staff’s 29 days quarry fee collection in comparison with former administration of the Father and son Lapid of tinseltown took a year or more, why fix something when it ain't broke? Your guess is as good as mine. The problem is if we don't support Among Ed in this crucial time and should he refuse to implement the illegal ordinance he can be charge for dereliction of duty. We can't allow this to happen, Among Ed needs your support by using our blogs to expose and oppose the scalawags out to derail good governance and the ongoing moral crusade to save Pampanga from the clutches of corrupt politicians.

To learn more about the recent scandalous anomalies in Pampanga see Campaign Supporting Good Governance in Pampanga. Write a post regarding this and Email or post a message at Pedestrian Observer so I can link your blog entry in the Campaign, please use Technorati tag Bloggers for Fr. Ed Panlilio.

If you have no blog you can still support Among Ed by visiting participating bloggers and express your sentiments and support in their respective comment section.