Monday, February 25, 2008

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo RESIGN!

The 22nd anniversary of the EDSA People Power “revolution” is a time once more to remember the courage and determination of the Filipino people risking lives and limbs against the onslaught of the military monsters of the Marcos conjugal dictatorship. In lieu of this event and the shameless impunity of corruption and arrogant administration of Gloria M. Arroyo the commemoration of EDSA People Power & Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm is the most logical approach for a blogger who belives in holding elected officials accountable and responsible for their misdeeds. Grab this image Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm, but don't forget to attribute POGB

The assassination of Benigno Aquino gave rise to a spontaneous movement before which countless sacrifice of patriots costing numerous lives loss especially of the youths who would have been great leaders of today. The tyranny of one man has ended, unfortunately we are now faced not just with one corrupt strongman, but a mutation of little tyrants imposing their will on the people bringing us further down the muck of desperation and desolation.

Today 22 years later it seems we have not gone anywhere but retrogressed further in an administration with questionable tenure ironically finding herself in the highest seat of the land through a similar “people power” that turns out to be nothing more than a power grab to replace the corrupt Estrada regime with an equally if not more corrupt administration.

How can we allow this transgression is beyond belief considering this woman is the daughter of a former president who you would think will not taint her father’s refutation and honor? While there is an increasing demand from different sectors for accountability and imploring the government people not to impede our quest for truth there are still stragglers seeing a different reality? Is it because they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome or paid hacks?

The question of accountability and responsibility which is expected in a person of elective position amazingly has people wanting her to remain in office due to their fear of another crook taking over is just insane. Let us not dwell on the moronic outlook and instead look ahead which is definitely not a La Gloria “move on” crap.

We definitely need to commemorate EDSA People Power and Erwin Rafael of Ako si Paeng suggested an apt acronym for the Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm. POGB is sharing the image below (right click & click save as, attribution appreciated) to bloggers joining the move to rid the nation of corrupt shameless politicians.

Grab the image EDSA Wave 1.0Marvin Bionat of Philippine Update has come up with a novel approach to those that cannot make it physically to the mass actions to light a virtual candle. I believe this will be a hit especially to Overseas Filipinos who wants to express their sentiments on the following:
  • For integrity in government
  • For the pursuit of the unvarnished truth behind the current political scandals
  • For the prosecution of corrupt public officials
  • For the immediate resignation of political leaders who have lost the moral authority to govern
  • For the estabishment of a government that truly represents the interests of the nation
  • For the political and economic empowerment of the Filipino people

You can click on the link which will bring you to a fill up form with your name, email addy & allows you a 10 word comment or email Marvin, go check it out.

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