Monday, February 25, 2008

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo RESIGN!

The 22nd anniversary of the EDSA People Power “revolution” is a time once more to remember the courage and determination of the Filipino people risking lives and limbs against the onslaught of the military monsters of the Marcos conjugal dictatorship. In lieu of this event and the shameless impunity of corruption and arrogant administration of Gloria M. Arroyo the commemoration of EDSA People Power & Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm is the most logical approach for a blogger who belives in holding elected officials accountable and responsible for their misdeeds. Grab this image Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm, but don't forget to attribute POGB

The assassination of Benigno Aquino gave rise to a spontaneous movement before which countless sacrifice of patriots costing numerous lives loss especially of the youths who would have been great leaders of today. The tyranny of one man has ended, unfortunately we are now faced not just with one corrupt strongman, but a mutation of little tyrants imposing their will on the people bringing us further down the muck of desperation and desolation.

Today 22 years later it seems we have not gone anywhere but retrogressed further in an administration with questionable tenure ironically finding herself in the highest seat of the land through a similar “people power” that turns out to be nothing more than a power grab to replace the corrupt Estrada regime with an equally if not more corrupt administration.

How can we allow this transgression is beyond belief considering this woman is the daughter of a former president who you would think will not taint her father’s refutation and honor? While there is an increasing demand from different sectors for accountability and imploring the government people not to impede our quest for truth there are still stragglers seeing a different reality? Is it because they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome or paid hacks?

The question of accountability and responsibility which is expected in a person of elective position amazingly has people wanting her to remain in office due to their fear of another crook taking over is just insane. Let us not dwell on the moronic outlook and instead look ahead which is definitely not a La Gloria “move on” crap.

We definitely need to commemorate EDSA People Power and Erwin Rafael of Ako si Paeng suggested an apt acronym for the Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm. POGB is sharing the image below (right click & click save as, attribution appreciated) to bloggers joining the move to rid the nation of corrupt shameless politicians.

Grab the image EDSA Wave 1.0Marvin Bionat of Philippine Update has come up with a novel approach to those that cannot make it physically to the mass actions to light a virtual candle. I believe this will be a hit especially to Overseas Filipinos who wants to express their sentiments on the following:
  • For integrity in government
  • For the pursuit of the unvarnished truth behind the current political scandals
  • For the prosecution of corrupt public officials
  • For the immediate resignation of political leaders who have lost the moral authority to govern
  • For the estabishment of a government that truly represents the interests of the nation
  • For the political and economic empowerment of the Filipino people

You can click on the link which will bring you to a fill up form with your name, email addy & allows you a 10 word comment or email Marvin, go check it out.

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pian said...

The main problem if GMA is ousted would be the transfer of power. In that instance, our country will be handled by a person who was voted PURELY because he’s popular with the masses and nothing else. We need to validate our democratic system first.

Anonymous said...

so what good is the system if the leaders are the ones breaking the law?

if people don't follow the present system what goos will a "new" democratic system do?

if you refuse to hold your leader accountable for corruption how will you fare in the new system?

I say nada...... it will be the same old bs.

pian said...

I do want our leaders to be accountable, but I want to minimize the risk of a turnover before dealing with corruption, so the economic gains will continue. But right now, it’s just too risky for me. In the event she’s ousted, the VP will take over, and we all know he became VP purely because he’s popular with the masses and nothing else. I just want to minimize the risk first before effectively dealing with the problem of corruption.

pian said...

Below is a transcript of a supposedly wiretapped conversation between Joey and Jun I got from a website. Judge for yourself if Jun Lozada is indeed deserving to be treated a hero, but of course after ascertaining if this is genuine.
usapang udifuta
TRACK 3...

Joey (allegedly, Joey de Venecia): Hey Jun.
Jun (allegedly, Jun Lozada): Hey Joey.
Joey: Jun, can you hear me?
Jun: Yeah. Go ahead.
Joey: Yeah, where are you to put Chair (Abalos)?
Jun: Ang formula ko doon is kuha ako ng points dun sa 130.
Joey: Uh-huh…
Jun: Di ba? Kasi saan ko pa kukunin di ba? (laughs) Itong mga …
Joey: Kaya lang pare, we need to get some… at least from… something from them, di ba?
Jun: Yeah.. from both sides. P*t@ng!na…
Joey: Pare.. start from the thing.. Because he’s the gatekeeper of the votes. P*ta. I can understand, but not that amount.
Jun: Oh yeah. that’s too big, right. That’s too big.
Joey: Pare, let’s develop a plan to talk to him.
Jun: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So…
Joey: And you know what he told me, between you and I. When we were in Hong Kong… in Shenzen. Don’t quote me ha. Sabi niya kasi, marami akong…... Tinanong ko bakit ba ang laki-laki? Singkwenta.. Sabi niya marami ako kelangan bigyan. Pati yung NEDA. He said the word NEDA ha. P*t@ngina. For your information pare.
Jun: Information? I would understand that… He’d like to look at…
Joey: Maybe, wait, you can quote me and say, sabi ni Joey meron daw… sabi mo sa kanya may NEDA dun. (laughs) Di ba? He told me pare. (laughs)
Jun: Sige, sige…
Joey: P*t@ng!na, baka magwala na naman yung… (laughs)
Jun: For some reason, I have this chemistry with him. Sabi ko Chair… In fact, sabi niya, Jun, ikaw na mag-referee bukas ha. Sabi niya, I want you to be there. Ikaw na mag-referee, ikaw na magsabi kung papaano. Sige po Sir, ako na ang mag-aano sa ano… (laughs)
Joey: Well anyway, so that’s where I’m looking at right now. .. ought to get you.. And then, uh, think of a strategy for Ben (Abalos?), and if you need me to back you up, I’ll be there.
Jun: Hey Joey, regarding this Chinese embassy thing. I think I struck a motherload no? I’ll put them in Roxas Boulevard. P*t@ng!na, di ba?
Joey: In the Reformation? (Reclamation)
Jun: No, p*t@ng!na, that’s not prime. We’ll put them in the CCP complex.
Joey: Yup, got it.
Jun: P*t@ng!na. Yeah, that’s, wala.. I can ??? that ??? agreement. (I can swing that gddam deal pare)
Joey: You mean, owned by the Central Bank?
Jun: Yeah! Can you imagine? P*t@ng!na, same stature as the American embassy, better pa, di ba? The Japanese Embassy is in Roxas Boulevard. The American embassy is there. So p*ta, I just arrived that we put the Chinese embassy right in the midst of it all, di ba? Joey: Yes, yes, of course. That’s ??? to hear. That’s foresight. (That’s perfect)
Jun: … don’t mention my name. I think he knows me well.
Joey: Gaano kalaki, pare?
Jun: P*t@ng!na, as much as 15 hectares. (laughs)
Joey: P*t@ng!na. Tapos siguro kumuha rin tayo dun. Pero we need 10 finances. (10 financers)
Jun: No, no, no, no. P*t@ng!na. I cannot just tell you all the things that I’ve been asked to do. But that one I think, I can ??? for ourselves.
Joey: I’ll talk to the…
Jun: Talk to him right away.

Anonymous said...

No pain no gain Pian, if we are selective in dealing with our problem. If we do that then we are no different from the resident evil errr president and her minions.

You can't have your cake and eat it too, until we learn to hold our leaders accountable and follow the rule of law we will never get anywhere.

Now on the wiretap bs, it clearly validates the authenticity of both witnesses knowing exactly what is going on as they are part of the corrupt deal. Does that excuse the president because the witnesses are also corrupt?

Why are they so quick to release these wiretap conversations? What I like to see are other tapes that these administration have on Joc Joc Bolante and other deals wherein it only shows that all the nefarious activities where the palace is involved they monitor their partners in crime to assure that they don't get double crossed.

pian said...

The reason why I keep on defending GMA is because our economy has never grown this much, and our democratic system is very illegitimate, such that in the event she’s ousted, the VP who was voted purely for his popularity with the masses, will take over. Credit to the economic growths if they can be given to GMA or not is always put in question. If OFWs deserve the sole credit, then it will be safe to pass on the powers to the VP. Always questioning the credit arises because of the illegitimacy of our democratic system. Passing the country under VP’s care who was elected simply because he’s only popular with the masses, is just too risky for me, I don’t want to take the chance. I care about the country. While you may have dealt with the problem of corruption though uncertain, there’s a greater probability our economy will not grow. I want to minimize the risk first, so we can deal effectively with corruption. So it’s not that I don’t care about the plague of corruption, I only want to minimize the risk first. There are other Asian countries like China and Vietnam with high growth rates which attract foreign investors but which we know are also corrupt countries, even more corrupt.

I do believe the opposition Senators are using Lozada purely to advance the Presidential ambitions of some, and not because they sincerely want to end corruption. The senate investigation should be as an aid-to-legislation, but they didn’t pass any law on that, this case should’ve been brought to the proper forum, which is the court, and these Senators should have cleaned themselves up right in their own backyard. But no, it’s obvious to me they’re simply making a political noise and nothing else.
I likewise believe he was abducted so his primary motivation was fear more than anything else. But there’s also this scenario I read that it was a wrestling match between the government and Lacson. Lacson did admit meeting with Lozada 6x I think before Lozada left for Hong Kong. So they may have been cooking up something.
I think he’s just taking advantage of his newfound popularity. He might be eyeing the Senate. He could be a bad and not a good influence to the youth if he keeps this up. He’s teaching this people to go against the law, subvert it and engage in a mob rule instead. He’s enjoying this immensely.

Maria 88 said...

To Pian, how much is arroyo paying you? Wake up! It is not because of her that the peso is up, it's global effect because the dollar is down. And about the turnover, even the dumbest VP will be able to handle a crisis if the people are vigilant and support the government 100%. It is not the person or the position alone that makes the country move but the whole system.n How will you be able to run a country if all your cabinet members are resigning. Use your brains.

pian said...

First of all, I’m not getting paid for this. I just want to share my observation by using my brains (so ginamit ko siya).
Second, yung pananaw mo sa VP ikaw lang ang nakakaisip non. E kung pinatunayan ba niya from the start kung bakit karapatan niyang maging VP, hindi na sana tatagal pa ng ganito problema, at minimum risk na.

Anonymous said...


What risk are you talking about? The GDP?

How exactly do you propose we resolve the problem of having a lying cheating & thieving president?

When a citizen commits a crime we send them to jail..... worse when you have a president no less committing a crime, are we just going to let her steal some more because she has raised the GDP?

How are we going to "fix" the system to conform to your standards?

pian said...

I don’t want to condone corruption lest I be misunderstood. Ang sinasabi ko lang, maraming bagay na nakokompromiso kung mahirap ka. Yun ang realistic attitude ko. Tulad ng sa mahirap na pamilya mo, ang mga parents mo pulis lang. Ang tendency ng ganito (although hindi ko naman nilalahat) humingi ng suhol para pantawid-gutom lang. O kaya ang magsinungaling ka. Hindi ko sinasabing ayos lang ito. Yung ideal attitude ko, pag kaya na, wala nang kompromiso.
Ang gusto ko lang, maminimize yung risk when you deal with corruption. Ngayon kasi high risk siya, na yung papalit sana sa kanya, binoto lang siya dahil sa sikat pawang lang siya at wala nang iba pa. Kung tinitingnan kasi ng mga botante natin ang kakayahan ng isa para siya makapamuno (tulad ng panonood ng debate parang sa US), naminimize sana yung risks at effectively malalabanan itong corruption. Kaso mahirap lang tayo na bansa, tapos alam naman natin yung VP niluklok lang siya dahil sikat, high risk kasi sakin yon. You won’t solve the problem by booting her out, until our voters learn to vote wisely.

Anonymous said...


That's the risk we have to take, no ifs no buts about it.

The corruption you see around you is the result of having corrupt leaders lacking political will to fight corruption because they are also corrupt.

If de Cashtro turns out to be another corrupt leader then we pressure him out of office until such time that our leaders get it..... unfortunately it will not happen if the people are not organized and lack commonality in purpose and demanding for accountable, transparent and responsible governance.

berto said...
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Omar Edfel said...

I agree anonymous. Regardless of how many times we need to oust presidents, we will need to keep doing it until such time our leaders get the idea that we Filipinos are sick and tired being played for fools by the likes of them. Pian, defending GMA for whatever reason is not a sign of positive brain usage unfortunately. It's a sign of mental instablity or retardedness. Rice shortage, high gas prices, high commodity prices and low salaries not to mention insufficient numbers of decent jobs for the unemployed are mere but obvious examples of why Arroyo needs to be booted out of office. She and her family have been linked to umpteen numbers of corruption chrages and deals in less than 3 years. How much more of our hard-earned money would we like Thumbelina and her cohorts to steal from us? Enough is enough!