Thursday, March 29, 2007

URGENT APPEAL to all Voters!

The following appeal was forwarded by a top Philippine broadcaster:

If you're planning to vote for a PartyList group in May, please
consider your vote carefully, as only the right votes will be counted.
We need partylist groups who will truly fight for our needs as a
people instead of their own vested interests or that of the
formerly-wealthy elite. A partylist group that is not red, or yellow,
or black and white. People who will truly have the well-being of the
Economist and the Rule of Lawyers at heart!

It is in this light that we humbly submit to you a list of the
PartyList organizations that we hope you will remember come May 14. We
present to you... our M-R-P, our Most Recommended PartyList groups:

AAAAAAA - Alyansa ng mga taga-Alabang, Angeles, Apalit, Antipolo at
Aklan na kamag-anak ng mga Arroyo (7A!)
1) Aaron Arroyo
2) Abel Arroyo
3) Ace Arroyo

AAAAAA - Asosasyon ng mga taga-Alaga ng Aquarium, Aso at Alimango ng
mga Arroyo (6A!)
1) Adrian Arroyo
2) Agnes Arroyo
3) Alice Arroyo

AAAAAABA - Aktibong Atletang Atenista, Assumptionista At iba pang
Alalay ng Barangay Arroyo (ABANTE ARROYO!)
1) Amy Arroyo
2) Anthony Arroyo
3) Arthur Arroyo

This appeal is brought to you by your tax pesoses, Comelec Chairman
Ben Abalosses and most importantly, the Presidential Office of
External Affairs... Guiding Worthy PartyList groups to Eternity and
Beyond Since 2004!

Don't forget our slogan! "Team Unity, Totally Arroyo!" (T.U.T.A. all
the way!)

p.s. Kung sakaling nalito po kayo sa mga ads ng aming mga kandidato,
gusto lang po namin linawin na HINDI PO tumatakbo si Boy Abunda. Baka
po sa 2010...

Above political joke is an email going around sent by Mila Aguilar.

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