Thursday, January 24, 2008

Britney Spears & World Politics

Britney Spears UnleashedPedestrian Observer Group Blog has an entry on Britney Spears & World Politics. See how she can play a pivotal role in world politics.....this one is hilarious....... check it out......don't forget to click this there (click here if you are over 18 years old).... .. not recommended for prudes..... but highly recommended for those with sense of rumor... errr humor.

There is another hilarious entry about Reynaldo Lapuz the new American Idol sensation with his original composition "We Are Brothers" that definitely bump William Hung off the "charts". Definitely an original and his song catchy where kids at school are overheard singing Reynaldo lapuz song.

Judge for yourself.... see the next sensation, enterprising people are now selling on Ebay his T-shirt and ringtones, we just don't know if it was selling briskly but kids seems to be inclined and excited that they can buy this item.

We're Brothers Forever

By: Reynaldo Lapuz

I am your brother

Your best friend forever

Singing this songs

The music that you liiiike!

Brothers till the end of time

Together or not

You're always in my heart

Your hurt, your feelings

And you will worry no mooore!

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