Friday, January 4, 2008

Pedestrian Observer a victim of Cyber Hitman?

Pedestrian Observer has been blocked by blogger and was “identified” as a possible spam….. say what a spam? Is Pedestrian Observer a victim of cyber hitman?

The blog does not have any advertisement whatsoever in any form or manner that will give the owner any material or financial gain.

All the links and those linking to Pedestrian Observer are legitimate links; no one was forced or coerced to link Pedestrian Observer to their blog or site so it is definitely not a robot. An actual person in the name of Political Jaywalker has been blogging and 183 posts later since March ’07 it was surprising that all of a sudden it was being tagged as a spam.

Now that Pedestrian Observer has been transformed into a group blog with other contributors now writing for the blog in our drive to make it a relevant socio-political blog we encounter an incident that is annoying at best.

Is it possible some person or entity resented what Pedestrian Observer is all about.... a critic of the mal-administration and corruption in the Philippines or is it something else?

Are the crooked politicians starting to notice the blog and true to their perverted sense of leadership in the Mafiosi mob style ordered a cyber hitman to silence Pedestrian Observer?

I was wondering if this has anything to do with our campaign supporting good governance in Pampanga and what Among Ed stood for that triggered this annoying “spam” block. Heck the spam I know are the one’s we love to eat despite it being maligned by food snobs.

This incident only serves have a firm resolve for the blog to continue on and will be back with more exciting write-ups to hopefully to make a dent or difference in whatever manner in our quest for good governance in the land of cheats.

We have been there before just like the previous threat I posted titled EXTRA! Cyber Istambay Threatened with LIBEL!, and Pedestrian Observer is still here and will be here to stay for awhile. Get over it cyber hitman....... refute the articles in the comment section that is unmoderated as I don't believe in censorship, let it out not put the blog out..... that is just LOW, REALLY LOW.


Prudence said...

I checked the Pedestrian Observer site and it looks fine.

Political Jaywalker said...

It's all over now less than 8 hours after I was not allowed access in the backdoor of my blog because I was blocked as it was "identified" as a possible spam.

Of course it will look good, lol just kidding, blogger will not close the blog itself just the access to the owner. If they find that it was indeed a spam or robot operated blog it will then be deleted in 4 days or once they have checked it in 4 days.

Since it was a legitimate blog I have a feeling that someone reported it as a spam and thus the blockage.

Anyway nice to see you at both the blogs, and thanks for the visit and comment.

Pete Rahon said...

wow bago pala ito, well may bagong istambayan, so anong balak mo dito sa bagong blog mo... linking up...

Political Jaywalker said...

Good question Pete, to tell you the truth I have not been paying attention to this blog and since you asked, yeah what do I want to do with this blog.

Hmmmmnnnn, this is actually the blog I planned to make into a group blog but never got to doing it. I checked the PR & it has a decent 3 despite not posting on a regular basis, so maybe I should invite bloggers to contribute their political jokes here and make this a fun hangout.... nothing serious just some humor or jokes that are political in nature... any takers? How about you Pete?