Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Señora Metring Speaks on ZTE Deal or No Deal

This national boardband network is getting to my nerves, you know. I’m really paid up with all the scenic investigations. So much adieu about nothing.

First, owing to executive free village, CHED Chairman Romulo Neri snapped the scenic invitation. Second, came Jun Lozada who is president of Phil-forest with missing trees on his head.

Then there’s the crying boy sournamed Santos who confessed to I forgot what. There’s also Engineer Madriaga who collaborated Lozada’s confession. However, this Madriaga is allegedly a throwjan horse from Malacanang because he throws and throws information just like that.

But what gets my gloat is this attempt of kidnapping and abdication at the airport. If they can do that to Jun Lozada then they can easily do that to ordinary mortars like us.

All these things are happening because of that 200 million as bride of former Comelec Chairman Abalos to Neri.. But that is just a drop in the pocket since the 329 million dollars ZTE contract is fantastically overpriced and vulcanized, you know.

So now we have to draw the light. The evil one should step down for she has no more mural ascendancy. But we cannot afford a coup data because it is anathema to economic progress.

So if the president will not submit to a snipe election then we should cease and decease in all these nonsensical talks and let’s foot our act together.

Don’t forget that history remits itself and the only impedient for evil to success is for good men to nothing doing. But if you disagree with me then just bag off. Okay?

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