Monday, April 23, 2007

Fr. ED Against all ODDS

This mid-term election is just so sickening especially the BOGUS Party list and as I dig deeper into the scandal it just get worse and uglier. The situation is exacerbated as we go along encountering arrogance among the scam artist some even go to the extent of intimidating people to silence with libel suit. It really does not surprise me anymore how people who cheats errr seats in the power corridor sees and think they OWN and can abuse the judicial system for their own demented irrational inflated ego.

It just seems so hopeless; everywhere you look it is just a never ending abuse and corruption. Witnessing a presidential spouse in full contempt and abuse of the judicial system filing 41 libel cases against journalist is just unreal. Jueteng lords having the gall to sue people with libel for “maligning” their Jueteng errr “good” character kuno is one for the books and only in a perverted nation will you see such spectacle. If the intent was to amuse people with such moronic behavior it is failing miserably that only contributes to the growing numbing apathy and contempt as seen in many of our people.

Thank god for a man of the cloth named Fr. Ed or “Among” (Kapampangan term for Priest) who took a leave of absence in his diocese to run for governor of Pampanga earning the moniker of Jueteng capital of the Philippines. The Man Who Could Save PAMPANGA an article at Manila Boy Blog of Spanky Hizon Fernandez is now featured at Pedestrian Observer. We may have reached such unbearable situation so sickening that even a man of the cloth could not just take it anymore and confront the evils of society in their political game is surely a sign of reawakening and a backlash is on sight to rid the nation of scalawags.

Spread the message of Fr. Ed and support him in his bid to unseat scalawags or let the province sink to the biblical level of Sodom and Gomorrah’s.

Ang Kapatiran is also asking for your prayer and support for Bautista, Paredes, & Sison in lighting a candle (copy the lighted candle picture in my blog or email me for the code) in front of your homes (or blogs) to be held April 25-30, 2007 from 6 - 7PM culminating in a prayer rally at Quezon Memorial Circle on May 1st from 5 - 7PM. Read the article and other related articles at Cyber Istambay A Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer.

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