Thursday, April 12, 2007

NOW SHOWING AKP in 2007 Philippine Election and Beyond

Dr. MARTIN BAUTISTA Finding Home a PBS Documentary

ANG KAPATIRAN: Birth of a Political Party

Renewing the Filipino Political Culture


Please allow us to introduce ANG KAPATIRAN, a Comelec registered national political party. It believes that principles and platform must come before candidates. It wants to bring back the teachings of God into the center of politics.

We recently launched a fund campaign to help clean-up politics because among others, we want to do away with the politics of money. People say Ang Kapatiran is a very good party, however, they won’t win because “walang pera yan”.

We believe that our three (3) senatorial candidates should not be burdened with raising their own campaign funds so that they will not have “utang na loob” to those who substantially funded their campaign. This will enable them to act independently for the best interest of the common good. We need funds not only to introduce our candidates but also to create awareness of our Principles and Platform. This will enlighten and guide our voters in their role to actively and wisely participate in this coming and future elections.

It is in this light that we are appealing to all Filipinos here and abroad who believe in the principles and platform of Ang Kapatiran, to contribute and share in the cost of change. Let us prove to the people that our Ang Kapatiran candidates will win because they are supported by Filipinos who care and believe in their cause. Enclosed is a convenient, fast, cost-efficient and safe way to send your contributions to the Philippines.

Your kind and generous financial support at this time will go a long way to start now Ang Kapatiran’s noble advocacy to pave the way for the generation of our grandchildren to eventually live with dignity as human beings in a just society.

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"No man made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because
he thought he could do so little." (Edmund Burke)

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